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AFM announces new funding for programs dedicated to electromobility and public lighting

9 July 2021

A number of 35,638 individuals have registered with car manufacturers or dealers for the purchase of a new vehicle through the Rabla (“Scrap”) Program, of which 4,842 through ” Rabla Plus” – dedicated to “green” cars, according to data from the Environment Fund Administration (AFM ).

Within the Rabla Plus 2021 Program, 4,842 individuals registered with car manufacturers and dealers, and so far 903 new vehicles (538 pure electric, 365 hybrid electric) and two electric motorcycles have been purchased.

On the other hand, AFM informs that six accepted financing files have been published, within the Public Lighting Program, amounting to 3,704,728.10 lei.

Through this program, the Territorial Administrative Units (UAT) benefit from financing in a maximum of 90% of the eligible expenses for the modernization of public lighting systems by replacing lighting fixtures with high electricity consumption with LED lighting fixtures.

From the beginning of the program until now, 543 files in the amount of 325,371,423.55 lei have been approved and 352 contracts have been signed, out of which 133 contracts signed in 2020, in the amount of 86,190,209.85 lei, respectively 219 contracts initialed in 2021, in the amount of 127,173,616.02 lei.

At the same time, an accepted file was published submitted by the City Hall of Brăila in the amount of 378,173.03 lei, within the Recharging Station Program for electric vehicles in the county seat municipalities. To date, a total of 20 files worth 26,068,110.32 lei have been approved, for a number of 144 recharging stations with a number of 306 related fast recharging points, according to Agerpres.

The 20 approved financing files are submitted by the municipalities of Zalău, Piatra Neamţ, Piteşti, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Târgu Jiu, Oradea, Baia Mare, Focşani, Satu Mare, Reşiţa, Giurgiu, Călăraşi, Slatina, Timişoara, Alba Iulia, Suceava, Galaţi, Brasov, Deva and Braila.

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