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AE Solar to invest 1 billion euros in a solar panel factory in Romania

7 March 2023
Bogdan Tudorache

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă met, at the Victoria Palace, representatives of the AE SOLAR company and the Black Sea Universities Network, according to a Government release.

On this occasion, the company AE Solar announced that it will open a factory for the production of solar panels in Romania, the total value of the investment being one billion euros.

In the initial phase, this larger project will have a capacity of 2 GW, and upon completion of the full integration of production flows in Romania, it will reach 10 GW, which represents a third of the European requirement. Company representatives have confirmed that they will operationalize the first phase this year. The meeting was attended by Alexander Maier, CEO AE Solar and Ciprian Buciu, Manager AE Solar Romania, from the investors, and Prof. univ. dr. eng. Eden Mamut (Ovidius University of Constanta), representing the Black Sea Universities Network.

At the level of the Government, the resources that can be secured through European funding or from the state budget will be analyzed to support the realization of the project.

Regarding the ways to support the development of the applicability of the large-scale investment, specialists from the Network of Black Sea Universities will be involved, who will be able to cooperate through a science park complementary to the production facilities.

“This investment will place Romania at the center of the European production of solar panels, contributing substantially not only to energy independence but also to protecting the environment, by using renewable, clean energy for the production of electricity. The government responds, thus, not only to a requirement assumed at the European level but also to the need felt by citizens and private companies to access cheap and environmentally friendly solutions to have the energy we need”, declared Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă.

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