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Mass Global will invest 1 billion euros at Mintia in an over 1,500 MW Siemens gas-fired power plant

7 March 2023
Bogdan Tudorache

Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă met at the Victoria Palace with representatives of the Mass Global Energy Rom company, which purchased the Mintia Thermal Power Plant, according to a Government release.

During the meeting, the investment plan worth over one billion euros was presented, which will transform the thermal power plant into the largest and most efficient production capacity of gas electricity in the European Union. In this sense, the most modern technologies will be used, which will allow, in accordance with the European taxonomy, the production of at least 1,500 MW. The first stage of the investment will be completed within 24 months, and the project will reach full maturity in 36 months.

The components of the plant will be prepared for the transition to the new energy production technologies, based on hydrogen. These will be provided by Siemens, the German giant whose representative – Petru Rușet, Managing Director Siemens Energy – attended the meeting.

“Our natural resources represent an important asset, especially in this period when the need to ensure the energy security of the country is amplified by the imbalances generated by the Russian military aggression against Ukraine. Romania needs to make the most of its gas reserves, and the Government has already taken important steps in this regard. Gas from the Black Sea, which can currently already provide ten percent of the annual domestic consumption, will, in the coming years, transform our country into one of the largest gas producers in the EU. The Mintia plant, which will use gas as a resource to produce electricity, will be able to fully benefit from these resources, so that we can consolidate, on the one hand, our electricity production, ensuring domestic consumption, but also we can export, helping the Republic of Moldova and our partners from the European Union,” said the Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă.

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