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Adrian Joyce, Renovate Europe: New renovation wave will create 1.6 mln. jobs by 2030

12 November 2020
General Interest

Bogdan Tudorache

The European Commission assessed that the new European energy efficiency renovation program will create about 160,000 green jobs by 2030, however, Renovate Europe believes the job creation figure is much higher, said Adrian Joyce, director, Renovate Europe and Secretary General, EuroACE, at the ”A renovation wave across Europe” conference, organized by România Eficientă and EPG.

”We, in fact, should be able to create 1.6 million jobs, and the figure forwarded by the EC doesn’t reflect the IEA research, which shows that 12-18 new jobs per 1 million euro invested in the construction sector, because of the new renovation wave are created”, said Joyce.

”We are in negotiation with the Commission on that aspect”, he added.

The European Commission will propose the introduction of minimum energy performance standards for residential buildings and is considering extending energy audits to large non-residential buildings, such as schools, hospitals or office spaces.

The European Commission’s “Renovation Wave” initiative is a historic opportunity to turn the current stock of buildings, mostly old and energy-intensive, into more efficient, sustainable and healthier for people. The strategy includes numerous measures to make investments in the renovation of buildings more accessible and to stimulate building owners, but also public authorities to carry out energy renovation works.

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