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ABB Romania starts the transition to electric cars

17 August 2023

ABB’s Electrification business in Romania has decided that all of the company’s new cars will be fully electric. ABB Electrification Romania is thus making its own contribution to ABB’s sustainability goals by reducing the local carbon footprint.

“We understand how important sustainable development is,” said Erhan Savas, Vice President Commercial, ABB Electrification, Romania, “and we want to set an example within our own operations and set a standard in Romania, leading to a low carbon society by reducing carbon emissions.” “Furthermore, we are happy to use ABB charging solutions implemented in Romania in many areas of the country,” he added.

ABB E-mobility offers its customers in Romania a wide range of charging solutions for electric vehicles, from 3.7 kW chargers to 600 kW fast chargers for electric cars and fast charging for electric buses and trucks. As a global leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, ABB E-mobility has sold more than one million chargers in over 85 markets, including more than 50,000 DC electric vehicle fast chargers.

As part of its sustainability strategy and commitment to facilitating the transition to a low-carbon society, ABB is working with customers and suppliers to reduce emissions and achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030. In its journey towards achieving these goals, ABB has committed to making its fleet electric by 2030, using 100% renewable electricity and setting targets for energy efficiency globally, including widespread use of energy management systems.

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