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A French entrepreneur bought two Romanian wind farm projects

30 July 2021

The French independent energy production group Qair, founded in the 1990s, controlled and led by businessman Jean-Marc Bouchet, has taken over two Romanian wind farm projects, with a total installed capacity of almost 60 MW, located in Constanța counties and Brăila, reveals official documents quoted by

Through a subsidiary established in Romania, the group bought in full the local companies developing the two wind projects from their former owner, the Danish company Global Wind Power, whose business model consists in the development of wind energy production units and later their sale to institutional or industrial investors, possibly with the preservation of the operation and maintenance of the parks.

The French group thus took over, from the Danes, the companies Extrapower SRL and A-Z Market Construction SRL, the developers of the Cobadin wind farm projects in Constanța (designed installed capacity of 50 MW) and Bordei Verde (Brăila, 8 MW).

The Cobadin project was initiated over 10 years ago, the first environmental agreement for it being granted in 2009. The Bordei Verde project dates from 2012.

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