Transelectrica provided for this regulatory period investments worth 1.7 billion lei


Virgil Ivan, director of national energy dispatcher within Transelectrica, estimates investments of 1.7 billion lei for this regulatory period in the modernization and development of the company’s transport infrastructure.

“The investments we are considering in the next period are aimed at modernizing and developing the transport infrastructure of the company, for which we have budgeted 1.7 billion lei, participating in the development of the European single market and digitalizing the institution,” said Virgil Ivan, director of National Energy Dispatcher of Transelectrica, during the ZF Power Summit 2020 event.

“Transelectrica has a plan for developing the electric transmission network. All the foreseeable trends regarding the connection of new plants and consumers are considered … If this plan is implemented, Transelectrica will be able to cope with the big energy fluctuations … We must develop an interconnection capacity that exceeds 5,000 MW. All this mobility of electricity transfer translates into many technical problems,” he said.


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