Sorin Boza supports the joint statement made at the Warsaw Energy Summit


Bogdan Tudorache

The statement of the Warsaw summit is “a great step forward for all coal-producing countries”, says CE Oltenia (CEO) general manager, Sorin Boza. “The decarbonisation process is an irreversible process, at this moment we must look at the transition period, a period that may or may not be different from one country to another,” Boza wrote on his social page.

According to Boza, the statement says, among other things, that the energy transition is a transformation based on industrial technology aimed at a low-emission economy that uses various energy sources. The process must be carried out in accordance with social justice, taking into account rational economic decisions and the competitiveness of industry within the European Union, as well as respect for the environment.

“A sustainable transition must address climate change, including the objective of the Paris Agreement, but requires global solutions with ambitious and valid contributions everywhere, but especially within the G20 group. The energy and coal sectors in the European Union will continue to reduce their emissions according to the EU-ETS reliable scheme,” says the CEO manager.

“As such, energy transition is a costly process and will be different in some EU countries, reflecting the different starting points of each member state. This is why it is essential to have the freedom to define the calendar, as well as the methods and tools needed to achieve it in a fair and sustainable manner.

“The European mining and energy sector is the source of a value chain that must be actively included in this transition – which is why the transformation we need is the one that prevents poverty and social instability of mining regions and stimulates innovation and investment. There must be an appropriate balance between energy policy objectives at EU level in terms of competitiveness, energy security and environmental protection. In the absence of a priority element, this triangle can be the basis for the proper functioning and development of society and economy in each country,” wrote Boza.


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