Servelect to design a photovoltaic power plant for ROMATSA


The Servelect team has started the design phase of a 380 kWp photovoltaic power plant for the Romanian Administration of Air Traffic Services – ROMATSA. The project, 769.991 euro worth (design + execution), is co-financed with 346.500 euro through EEA and Norwegian grants 2014-2021, the Energy Programme in Romania.

Photovoltaic panels will be installed above the parking space, thus avoiding cars being heated in hot weather, while helping to reduce the fuel consumption used by drivers for thermal comfort.

The project aims to reduce conventional energy consumption by around 490 MWh/year, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 150 tons CO2/year and optimize energy costs by producing renewable energy for self-consumption. Increased security of electricity supply and increased staff involvement in reducing energy consumption and costs will also be achieved.

Servelect has been working with ROMATSA in this project since 2019. The first successful step was the feasibility study. In parallel, Servelect’s Consulting department has developed the financing application, working closely with ROMATSA representatives to collect and validate the necessary data, as well as with the technical team, in order to retrieve the essential information from the feasibility study. Then, the financing application was delivered to Innovation Norway, and the project was approved in September 2020.

For 30 years, ROMATSA has been the provider of air navigation services that ensure the safety of navigation services and air traffic management in Romania. One of the company’s long-term goals is to implement a package of solutions to improve energy efficiency to ensure lower operational costs and a positive environmental impact.


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