PATRES: AFM program for subsidized photovoltaic panels, discriminatory


Bogdan Tudorache

The last-minute changes to the Program Financing Guide on the installation of photovoltaic panels for electricity generation affect the potential beneficiaries, who are the active and productive blanket of the population and who should be the target audience of the AFM program. Thus, they risk being excluded from financing, warned the employers association of small renewable energy producers PATRES.

“We believe that the application of this profoundly discriminatory change will result in the massive reduction of the potential beneficiaries (in principle the active population blanket), with the risk of a potential failure of the program carried out by AFM. This is unacceptable – given the major interest of Romanians to become prosumers”, says Viorel Lefter, President of PATRES.

Mainly, the issue is about the exclusion of the buildings rented to legal entities or the mortgaged buildings from the program. “According to our calculations, based on the existing statistics, a good part of the potential beneficiaries risk being excluded from the financing. Thus, based on an analysis of data published by ANCPI for the period January 2017 – June 2019, for the entire territory of Romania it is noted in the case of 50 – 70% of the transactions with real estate carried out between January 2017 – June 2019, a form of financing that involved a mortgage was used”.

PATRES asks the responsible institutions to clarify the urgent things in order to avoid discrimination and elimination of this blanket of the population from the category of eligible persons and to assume a clear deadline, without any further delay, for starting this important project for Romania.


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