Hidroelectrica launches new offers of electricity supply, with fixed prices


Hidroelectrica launched on Thursday, under the slogan “Join the green revolution”, new offers of electricity for both domestic and non-domestic customers, the company announced.

“Due to the uncertainties regarding the evolution of the economy in the context of the drastic measures to stop the spread of COVID 19, Hidroelectrica wants to ensure stability to its customers by ensuring continuity in the supply of electricity and new offers,” the statement reveals.

Thus, electricity which comes from 100% of renewable sources, is made available to customers at a fixed price throughout the contractual period, to which a discount is applied for a period of 3 months, with a maturity of 60 days from date of issuance of the invoice and the possibility of transmitting the documents exclusively online.

The price of active energy per discounted period (April-June 2020) for the domestic customers is of 0.230 lei/ KWh, while for the rest of the contractual period the price is of 0.255 lei/ KWh.

For non-domestic customers the discounted active energy price for the months of the second quarter of 2020 ranges between 0.250 lei/ KWh and 0.255 lei/ KWh, depending on the specific consumption. For the rest of the contractual period, the price of the active energy is of 0.275 lei/ KWh, respectively 0.270 lei/ KWh.


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