Ghiţă, SNN: The agreement for mini-reactors does not involve the installation of technologies in the testing phase


Nuclearelectrica’s Memorandum of Understanding with NuScale does not involve the installation of technologies in the testing phase, says Cosmin Ghita, CEO of the company.

„The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding concluded with NuScale is non-binding, that of exchanging information on the development of small modular reactors (SMR), an innovative nuclear technology … Practically, SNN, through this agreement, will benefit from know-how in the development a new nuclear technology. This MoU does not in any way involve the installation of nuclear technologies that are still in the testing phase,” Ghiţă said, quoted by

Nuclearelectrica announced yesterday that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NuScale, a US based company, to exchange business and technical information on NuScale’s innovative nuclear technology.

”The goal of the agreement is to evaluate the development, licensing and construction of NuScale small modular reactors (SMRs) for a potential similar long-term solution in Romania. The agreement is an expression of Romania’s interest for groundbreaking nuclear technology, which on the long-term will complete and subsequently replace the current generation of nuclear reactors”, the release said.

“With many years of experience in nuclear power, SNN SA understands the unique energy needs of Romania,” said John Hopkins, NuScale Power Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “NuScale looks forward to showcasing our safe, scalable, and reliable nuclear technology, and collaborating with SNN SA to determine what role NuScale’s technology can play in Romania’s energy future.”

Nuclear power currently provides 20 percent of domestic energy in Romania. Since its founding in 1998, SNN SA has operated the only nuclear power plants in Romania.


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