Franck Neel, OMV Petrom: Liberalization takes time


As Europe’s gas reserves deplete, Romania has the highest growth potential in the regional gas market, but liberalization takes time, and decisions such as GEO 114 hinder the process, says Franck Neel, member of OMV Petrom’s Directorate, responsible for the Downstream Gas division.

“GEO 114 has triggered long-term negative consequences for the market”, says Neel, at the Romanian International Gas Conference, an event organized by the Energy Policy Group.

He explained that vulnerable consumers’ protection is not unique for Romania, which needs to define it and find a way to direct the money towards them.

Also, he emphasized the gas market need for liquidity, which is given by all stakeholders, but mainly by traders and suppliers – which will not choose Romania, due to lack of instruments in the market.

“Romania has the highest growth potential in the regional gas market. As Europe’s reserve deplete, Romania may become a very important exporter of gas. Now Romania is a net importer of methanol and fertilizer, so it’s a good potential for development. There is a potential to extend the gas network. Also, in segments such as CNG, where OMV is very active in Austria, we can develop a B2C market for gas,” he adds.

All that Romania needs now is a stable environment, an infrastructure development, and a regulatory framework that offers the right price for the market.


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