Dieselgate: Searches at Volkswagen headquarters


Prosecutors in Germany on Tuesday searched Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg headquarters in the latest Dieselgate investigation, reports Reuters. Prosecutors said that documents were confiscated following the searches.

Volkswagen representatives have given assurances that they will cooperate fully with the authorities, but believe the investigation is unfounded. They reported that the searches were related to the investigation into diesel engines with EA 288 engines, the model that followed the EA 189 engine, which was at the center of the scandal related to falsifying the results of anti-pollution tests.

The German group claims it has disclosed to the relevant authorities the issue at the center of the new investigation – which focuses on VW employees, according to Agerpres.

In the simulations, the vehicles with EA 288 engines did not indicate a failure of the diesel particulate filter, although they met the emission standards, Volkswagen said, adding that the engine did not have illegal software installed.


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