CEZ Group in Romania launches a new brand campaign


On the anniversary of its 15 years of activity in Romania, the CEZ Group team launches a new brand communication campaign inspired by reality, through which it publicly reaffirms its support for people and long-term involvement in society. In addition, CEZ comes with a new energy first: the creation of a corporate account on the most popular video-sharing platform today – TikTok.

Through the new campaign, the CEZ team confirms its continuity and commitment on the local energy market, both at the operational level and in terms of social involvement in the community in which it operates. Caring for people is the core of the campaign, supported by the brand’s signature and slogan, “Energy comes from people.”

“After 15 years of activity in Romania, our people continue to be responsible to the next generations to carry the energy forward. This year-end campaign is the sum of our actions dedicated to long-term involvement in society and our way to reconfirm our care and support offered to the local community,” said Ondrej Safar, Country Manager of CEZ Group in Romania.

CEZ Group in Romania adds a new corporate account in the company’s social networking portfolio, thus becoming the first brand on the Romanian energy market present on the video-sharing platform – TikTok. In addition, the company has been present for almost four years on Instagram and Twitter and also on the traditional online channels, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, through which useful information about the services, offers and activities of the companies in the Group are communicated daily.

“We are starting on the most popular social media channel today, in order to redefine the energy sector. Users who follow us on TikTok will be able to discover that energy is an accessible field, full of expressiveness, creativity and humor, as long as it is explained correctly, on the right channel,” said Angelica Barbu, Director of Communication and Marketing at CEZ Group in Romania.


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