CE Oltenia holds second place among the top Romanian energy producers


In 2019, CE Oltenia produced approximately 12.4 TWh and delivered in the national system over 11 TWh, covering a market share of about 22%, and in the periods of the year with low hydraulicity and wind intensity reached a market share of more than 30%, maintaining second place in the top of the Romanian energy producers. In 2019, CE Oltenia operated on average with 7 energy groups, the company announced, on its own site.

The company participated in all the tenders organized by the Transmission System Operator – Transelectrica for system technology services, providing to it about 1.6 TWh of secondary adjustment reserve, rapid tertiary reserve and slow tertiary reserve, thus essentially contributing to the safety and security of the system.

Since the company was founded, Oltenia Energy Complex has produced over 112 TWh of coal-based electricity, representing approximately the equivalent of Romania’s total electricity consumption for two years.


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