Badea, Hidroelectrica: Market liberalization should be done as urgently as possible


Hidroelectrica’s reserve for this winter in lakes exceeds 71% and is higher than in 2018, says Bogdan Badea, president of the Hidroelectrica’s directorate. Thus, 2.25 TWh reserves will be insured during the winter, compared to 1.97 TWh last year.

He argues that the market needs to be liberalized as soon as possible, otherwise some players will take benefit. “Hidroelectrica sells cheap energy, at 255 lei per MWh. If we would take all the regulated segment of the competitive market, that would not increase the prices… Why was it necessary to return decades ago? Who won from these issues? We are waiting for an answer,” commented Badea. “I am extremely worried… Hidroelectrica and Nuclearelectrica will have to support all regulated consumption… it is not known to what extent.”

He explained that, should Hidroelectrica be pushed to overcapacity, it would have to buy from the market at a higher price and sell at a subsidized, lower price, to the benefit of certain players.

He stated that Hidroelectrica will attack “by all legal means” the ANRE order by which it would be required to support, along with Nuclearelectrica, the entire regulated market. “From January 1, Hidroelectrica can take over all consumers from the regulated segment… We can assure you that prices will not increase.”

He also said that the Apele Romane have taken at least a controversial measure, increasing the tariffs of the milled water, the costs of Hidroelectrica increasing from 334 to 410 million lei (+ 23%). “All costs are increasing.”


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