ANRE promotes green energy and storage


Power distributors who are required to expand the network should, under certain conditions, offer those who wish to connect to the grid also the solution of power supply from renewable sources with included storage.

The market regulator, ANRE, has recently published an Order on „Approving the Methodology for Assessing the Conditions for Financing Investments for the Electrification of Localities or for Extending the Electricity Distribution Networks”, according to

The methodology demonstrates under which conditions distribution network operators can expand their networks and, in particular, how the costs of network expansion are co-financed by applicants (public authorities and natural/ legal persons) if distribution operators demonstrate that these extensions (or electrifications) are justifiable from the point of view of economic efficiency.

For large distance connections to the current network required by public authorities that have re-quested extension, distributors must provide an alternative solution in the feasibility study: renewable with storage, without being forced to carry out the works.


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