ANRE continues the “Energy Economy” campaign among undergraduates


Bogdan Tudorache

The National Energy Regulatory Authority – ANRE, through the Department for Energy Efficiency, continues the “Energy Economy” campaign by carrying out information activities on energy efficiency issues in 30 schools in rural and urban areas in nine counties, which covers all the development regions of the country, a campaign that aims to stimulate the interest of the little ones to improve the quality of life, by applying simple and accessible energy saving solutions, the institution announced.

In 2018, ANRE was a partner of the European Commission (DG Justice and Consumers) in carrying out the Awareness Campaign on the efficient use of energy in homes – “Energy saving”, in order to help the domestic consumers to reduce energy bills by applying simple, cost-free or less-costly advice. Taking into account the interest shown for this campaign, ANRE obtained the agreement of the European Commission – DG JUST to extend its implementation in Romania.

In this context, the Federation of Energy Utility Companies Associations – ACUE, through E.ON, CEZ, Enel, Electrica and Engie, the Romanian Electricity Suppliers Association – AFEER, the National Union of County Councils in Romania – UNCJR, the Association of Romanian Cities – AOR and the Association of Municipalities of Romania – ACOR joined the ANRE initiative, in order to participate in the development of information activities on energy efficiency topics for undergraduates.


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