Amonil is trying to block the bankruptcy decision


Former fertilizers company Amonil of Slobozia appealed against this decision of the bankruptcy court.

Previously insolvent, it went into bankruptcy, although the reorganization plan was approved by the syndic judge in the fall of 2017. The plan included debts of 25.75 million lei to creditors enrolled at the creditor’s table, and showed that in order to continue its activity and generate revenue, the company had to rent an ongoing investment, “the cogeneration power plant of electricity and heat” to one of its creditors, Chemgas Holding Corporation, according to

Preliminary results for last year, published 10 days ago, indicate a loss of 1.8 million lei. The main chirograph creditor in the final table is Chemgas Holding Corporation, having a claim of 10.12 million lei. The Regional General Directorate of Public Finances (DGRFP) Ploiesti has a debt of 9.25 million lei and the employees, 118,865 lei. According to central media, the company in Slobozia is indirectly controlled by businessman Ioan Niculae, through an offshore registered in Belize. Chemgas Holding Corporation is an Inter-Agro company, also controlled by Niculae, as previously wrote