ACUE: Setting the economy-wide minimum wage must be done through a transparent, objective and predictable mechanism


ACUE asks authorities to establish a mechanism based on transparent and objective criteria for setting the economy-wide minimum wage, which will lead to its predictability.

The members of the Federation of Associations of Energy Utility Companies (ACUE), believe that a real dialogue between authorities and the business environment will lead to the identification of sustainable long-term solutions and request the urgent definition of new criteria for granting minimum inclusion income and reforming the support system for vulnerable energy consumers.

In regard to the latest adoptions of labor legislation and to the introducing the minimum differential wage express, ACUE is concerned about the very short and insufficient timeframe for debates with the social partners and without an in-depth analysis of the effects they will have in the economy.

An ample public consultation process for defining such a mechanism was launched last year, but it was abandoned without explanations by the competent authorities, show the press release.

Furthermore, ACUE members request that authorities urgently launch in public debate new eligibility criteria for granting minimum inclusion incomes together with a reformed system for supporting vulnerable energy consumers.

ACUE has proposed, over the past years, several solutions for lowering energy poverty and for protecting vulnerable consumers.

ACUE Federation has 30 members which represents important groups from the energy sector and total value of investments made by ACUE’s members in the period 2005-2017 was over EUR 10 billion.


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