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US President stops the construction of Keystone oil pipeline

9 November 2015

US President Barack Obama rejected the request of a Canadian company to build an oil pipeline between Canada and the United States after evaluating the project for seven years, informs The New York Times daily website, writes Mediafax.

The pipeline of about 2,000 kilometers Keystone XL would have permitted the daily transport from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico of 800,000 barrels of oil extracted from oil shale in Alberta (Canada). “The pipeline would not have had a significant long-term contribution to the US economy,” said Barack Obama.

Although more than a project that would have mattered little compared to the magnitude of the US oil industry, the pipeline has been for more than four years a symbol of the political discourse of the environmental organizations.

The announcement of the rejection of the draft was made before the UN summit regarding the climate change scheduled to be held in Paris in December. The cancellation of the controversial project is one of the measures taken by the Barack Obama administration to protect the environment.

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