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Tudor Roșca, City Manager, Sector 1 Bucharest: Heat pumps with photovoltaic modules represent the future for heating

20 April 2022
District Heating
Bogdan Tudorache

Heat pumps with photovoltaic modules represent the future for heating Bucharest, said Tudor Roșca, City Manager, Sector 1 Bucharest and the president of the Association for Electromobility, during the „Smart Cities – What we can do today” conference, organized by Energynomics.

“I came to Sector 1 with the mission and promise to be a good administrator of public funds, to make a transition from an unsustainable economy, based on a district heating system that loses 2.5 million liters of hot water per hour, to a sustainable energy saving economy”, said Tudor Roșca.


“We have started several projects that we are implementing. The main program, solar heating, uses photovoltaic energy on the blocks in Sector 1 to operate heat pumps that supplement or replace the energy from the former Radet – the current Termoenergetica. It is a program similar to thermal rehabilitation. Sector 1 has over 90% of thermally rehabilitated blocks, there are still 47 blocks under construction at the moment and another 85 blocks for which mandate contracts have been signed and for which we are looking to find a solution. For all the blocks that have been thermally rehabilitated, we have come up with this idea, a modular concept, so that we can multiply it with the help of the 2,000 owners’ associations in Sector 1. We need standardization, to have a reasonable cost and so we thought we would come up with a module consisting of a heat pump that with power consumption no higher than 5 kW and has a thermal power of about 15 kW and a weight that allows it to be installed on the roof. The module comes with at least 7.5 kW of installed power in photovoltaics”, he said.

“It is a program through which we are currently trying to reach 2,400 apartments this year,” he added.

Another project under consideration is to reduce the energy consumption of public buildings. “It’s a pretty ambitious plan, which I’ve already started. We started with 10 educational units with very high energy costs. We install customized photovoltaic systems and heat pumps. We will soon launch a new feasibility study for another 30 schools. The idea is to reach 24 MW of installed capacity, on roofs, by 2024”.


At the same time, Sector 1 in Bucharest has the most registered electric cars in Romania, over 10% of the national park. “We realized that there is a big problem with charging these cars and we came up with several simultaneous projects, including solutions for residential parking. We are talking about doubling the number of the charging stations in Romania, by means of this project of Sector 1 alone”.

The conference “Smart Cities – what we can do today” was organized by Energynomics, with the support of our partners ABB, Automobile Bavaria Group, Consolight, Eaton Electric, Enel X, Flash Lighting Services, LAPP Romania, Phoenix Contact, REI Group, Sixt, Signify.

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