Transelectrica: Power outage in sector 2 of the Capital, after an incident at Fundeni station


The power supply was interrupted in sector 2 of the Capital, on Tuesday morning, following an incident at the Fundeni transformer station.

“The incident took place at 11:14, and by 11:40, all consumers were refueled. This is an incident that took place at Fundeni station, whose causes are now under analysis,” said representatives of the energy carrier, according to Agerpres.

They mentioned that so far the exact number of affected consumers is not known, but that only those in the area adjacent to the station have been affected.

Subsequently, the company issued a press release stating: “On Tuesday morning, January 12, 2021, at 11:14, in the 220/110 kV Transformer Power Station Fundeni, belonging to CNTEE Transelectrica SA, a malfunction was registered that affected the voltage level of 10 kV from which the consumption area adjacent to Fundeni station is supplied. The operation of the network was restored to normal parameters by the prompt intervention of the operative personnel, so that at 11:40 all the affected consumers were fully refueled.”

In November 2020, a breakdown at the same station, Fundeni, led to a power outage that affected 100,000 inhabitants of the Capital.


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