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Transelectrica invests more than 150 mln. lei in network modernization

4 April 2021

The modernization of the electric transmission network and the increase of the integration potential of the energy production capacity from renewable resources are among the main objectives of Transelectrica, pointed out Cătălin Nițu, President of the Company, Corneliu Bogdan Marcu and Marius Viorel Stanciu, members of the Company, during a visit to verify the stage of investments carried out in the 400/110/20 kV Smârdan and 400 (220) / 110 / 20kV Munteni stations, in the area of Moldova.

Thus, Transelectrica invests over 150 million lei in the modernization and refurbishment of these two important stations to ensure continuity and safety in the supply of electricity to the area of Moldova.

For the integration of production from wind power plants, Transelectrica implements essential projects for the construction of new high voltage overhead power lines, such as the 400 kV OHL Smârdan – Gutinaș and the 400 kV OHL Cernavodă-Stâlpu, two projects carried out with financial resources from European funds.

The 400/110/20 kV Smârdan substation, whose refurbishment involves an investment of over 107 million lei, is an important node that ensures both the evacuation of excess power from the Dobrogea area and the supply of the deficient area of Moldova. The works will be completed in 2024 and will contribute to increasing the safety of SEN, as well as to strengthening the electricity transmission network between Dobrogea and Moldova.

The modernization project of the 400 (220)/110/20 kV Munteni substation, an investment of over 45 million lei, which is in an advanced stage of realization, will contribute to increasing the safety of the transmission system and will create the conditions for access to the network of wind farms, as well as new large economic operators in the Vaslui area. The estimated period for completing the modernization project of Munteni Station is the fourth quarter of this year.

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