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Transelectrica injects 57 mln. euro in the Mostiștea transformer station, with European funding

21 February 2024

The National Electric Energy Transport Company Transelectrica SA signed, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Energy, the tenth financing contract from the Fund for Modernization, respectively for the implementation of the “DigiTEL Green pilot project – Refurbishment of the 220/110/20kV Mostiștea station”, with a non-refundable value of 48 million euros. The contract was signed by the Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja, and the President of the Directorate of CNTEE Transelectrica, Ștefăniță Munteanu. The investment project proposes an up-to-date technological approach and involves the transformation of the station based on a 100% digital and innovative concept with low impact on the environment. The total value of the project is over 57 million euros, of which non-refundable financing from European funds is 48 million euros, through the Modernization Fund.

“This funding supports the projects to modernize the national energy system promoted by the Ministry of Energy, one of the key priorities that I have stated since taking office. Digitization is an essential condition for a green energy that protects the environment and promotes efficiency. The energy of the future means high-performance technologies, which we will continue to finance at an accelerated pace. The Modernization Fund is the guarantee of Romania’s development and the transition to a new energy transition paradigm: decarbonization, decentralization, digitization. I remind you that the objectives of Romania’s accession to the “Global Declaration on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” are the tripling of the world’s renewable energy production capacity and the doubling of energy efficiency by 2030. The mission I assumed as Minister of Energy is not about the next elections, but about the next generations,” said Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Energy.

“In the context of an accelerated energy transition, the current European financing mechanisms offer consistent support regarding the investments that will be made in the coming years in energy, and Transelectrica is prepared to access all the possibilities offered. With the signing of the contract for the Refurbishment of Mostiștea Station, we have 10 projects with non-refundable funding from the Modernization Fund, totaling more than 470 million euros. The Mostiștea Station is the second project to upgrade a station in a digital concept, after the Alba Iulia Station, a project that also benefits from funding from the Modernization Fund. The Company’s commitment to investments and sustainable development of the electric transmission network in order to achieve clean economy goals is evident. With the signing of this financing contract, aligned with the European strategic objectives regarding sustainable development, Transelectrica marks progress in terms of sustainability and innovation in the national energy sector. It is a clear proof that we remain committed to supporting all efforts to transform the energy infrastructure throughout the transition to a climate-neutral economy,” also said Ștefăniță Munteanu, President of the Transelectrica Directorate.

The DigiTEL Green pilot project represents an investment effort in accordance with European policies and directives in the field of energy, undertaken by Transelectrica for the development and modernization of the energy infrastructure by adopting technological solutions and state-of-the-art equipment to help reduce the ecological footprint. Included in the RET Development Plan for the period 2022-2031, the investment from Transelectrica’s project portfolio will contribute to reducing the impact on the environment and to the transition to a sustainable and efficient energy infrastructure.

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