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Niculescu: ANRE is not considering introducing a new tax for prosumers

21 February 2024

The National Regulatory Authority in the field of Energy does not have in mind any plan to develop a regulatory framework through which a so-called “sun tax” would be introduced, states the president of ANRE, George Niculescu.

“Considering the aforementioned, taking into account the fact that there is no obligation to introduce a tax or a tariff, I can tell you very clearly that the National Regulatory Authority in the field of Energy does not consider any plan to develop a framework regulation to introduce a so-called ‘sun tax’. I categorically reject the rumors that appeared in the public space regarding ANRE’s ‘intentions’ or ‘plans’ on this subject and I invite professional associates to a constructive dialogue from which the prosumers have to win,” said George Niculescu, quoted by Agerpres.

The authority emphasizes in the release that the prosumer represents a central element of the energy transition, becoming an essential actor in modeling and understanding the new paradigms in the field of electricity.

“As classic energy resources become more and more limited and the pressure to reduce environmental impact increases, the prosumer becomes a catalyst for change, making a significant contribution to the sustainable transformation of electric power systems. European and national legislation, together with specific regulatory norms, supports and stimulates the involvement of prosumers in this transition process. The rights granted to prosumers, such as the possibility to deliver surplus energy to the network and benefit from compensation, are key elements in facilitating the adoption of this new energy model, In this context, the correct highlighting of the production of energy from renewable sources has become extremely important. That is why there are specific provisions in Article 45 of Law No. 123/2012, article amended by GEO No. 143/2021, with subsequent amendments and additions, regarding the possibility of install smart meters in the installation for the use of prosumers”, the press release states.

According to the quoted source, the assembly of these meters was partially suspended to allow the faster connection of the prosumers to the network, in the context of the meter crisis that occurred in the period 2021-2022, caused by the general production crisis of digital electronic components.

“It must be stated that the price of this meter is borne by the distribution operators, the only additional costs borne by the prosumer being the distribution box in which this meter will be mounted. In conclusion, the presence of this measuring equipment is provided for in Law no. 123 /2012 and has nothing to do with the provisions of GEO no. 163/2022, which in article 21 paragraph 3 letter b) provide that: “the authorities of the central public administration and ANRE can apply non-discriminatory taxes and tariffs”, he also specifies ANRE.

According to a statement sent to the media on Monday, the Association of Prosumers and Energy Communities (APCE) requests the Government to remove from GEO 163/2022 art. 21 (point 3), which allows ANRE to charge the self-consumption of prosumers.

The representatives of the association claim that the prosumers already pay for the metering of the “sun tax”.

“Despite the Government’s assurances that it will not introduce the so-called ‘sun tax’, ANRE has prepared the infrastructure for charging self-consumption with the money of prosumers. In order to obtain the connection certificate as a prosumer, you need to additionally add a sealable panel with fuses. In this sealable board, a self-consumption meter is to be installed. In some cases this meter has already been installed. Prosumers pay extra for this equipment without benefiting or being informed of the role of this self-consumption meter. Why install additional meters to measure self-consumption if the Government and ANRE do not intend to apply the ‘sun tax’?”, the press release states.

According to the quoted source, the installation of these additional equipment “is proof of the intention of the Government and ANRE to introduce this absurd tax.”

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