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THERMOS to launch the alpha version of its thermal energy planning software

21 June 2018

On 27 June 2018, the European project THERMOS (Thermal Energy Resource Modellingand Optimisation System) will launch the alpha version of its thermal energy planning software, and also the City Interest and Ambassadors programme to improve energy planning in cities. Developed to assist local energy authorities, the official release will take place at the THERMOS Capacity Building and Train-the-Trainer workshop in Jelgava, Latvia.

Alba Iulia is one of the eight THERMOS partner cities, among witch Warsaw, Cascais and Berlin, cooperating for the development of the software, meant to fit the need of energy and thermal planners. The presentation of the alpha version of the software marks the official kick-off of the THERMOS Trainer and Ambassador Programme.

The THERMOS Ambassador programme is open to cities, energy agencies and public and private utilities ready to assess and then share the benefits of the THERMOS software for improved local district energy planning and sustainable energy and climate action planning.

Ambassadors will receive full access to the THERMOS software and further associated features covering capacity building material and state-of-the-art data on heating and cooling and energy planning. Ambassadors are further invited to assign Trainers to receive exclusive guidance on the software.

THERMOS (Thermal Energy Resource Modelling and Optimisation System) is an EU Horizon 2020 funded research project which will provide advanced energy system data and models in a user-friendly open-source software to make heat network planning faster, more efficient, and more cost effective. THERMOS kicked off in October 2016 and will be running for three years until September 2019. For more information on the THERMOS Group of Ambassadors and the Trainers Programme and how to participate, please contact info @ For more information, visit: or follow the Twitter account @THERMOS_eu.

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