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The ROTTCO SYNERGY CARD records its first commercial transactions in gas stations

18 January 2017

The ROTTCO SYNERGY CARD system became operational in gas stations, asthe first commercial transactions were recorded this week. ROTTCO SYNERGY CARD allows fuel filling at the same quality as those in the large petroleum products distribution networks and access to specific fleet operation services. The system also offers flexible methods of invoicing and payment for suppliers and fleets. The filling stations are spread over the main roads in the country, offering carriers a, virtually, nationwide cover, according to a press release issued by ROTTCO Consult company.

Users have at their disposal a call center where they can get information and support for accessing and using the ROTTCO SYNERGY CARD system. Also on the main page of the company’s website there is an interactive map with constantly updated information on the location of the stations in the network, the services, and also information about the new independent stations that will enter the ROTTCO SYNERGY program.

“The system we created offers for the owners of stations within the network, supplyers for local or national fleets, partially or totally, the posibility to manage deliveries and also to provide the fleets in their portfolio the option to fill in the rest of the network, without adversely affecting the current sales of their own station,” says Paul Pop, general manager ROTTCO Consult.

ROTTCO Consult is the first Romanian independent company offering such services in cooperation with private filling stations, the company acting as an integrator which also largely finances the standardization, integration and the informational interoperation of the services.

Among the strategic objectives of the project launched in June 2016, ROTTCO mentions the interconnection of the independent Romanian filling stations in a national and interactive network, being able to provide similar services to those of the large international networks, by increasing the value of the business of the owners of independent stations and by increasing competitiveness, objectives that can be only achieved by access to integrated services specific to the distribution networks, states the press release.

The ROTTCO company was founded in 2007, has as its main activity the wholesale distribution of petroleum products, and in 2015 had a turnover of 453 million lei (about 100 million euros).

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