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The race to increased efficiency for PV Modules – from PERC to ABC

25 November 2023

Since the beginning and for a long time, conventional silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells have been the standard in the solar industry. At present, the Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact (PERC) solar cells dominate the market. The new kid in town seems to be the all-back-contact (ABC’s) solar panels, which can achieve the highest efficiency and thus the biggest power per square metre.

Gerard Scheper, the CEO of European Solar, spoke about this race for greater efficiency in an article that PV Europe published this year. “Manufacturers want to become more distinctive from each other and therefore focus on more power per square metre instead of large, larger, largest. That is what densely populated Europe is asking for. Where Mono PERC solar panels can reach up to 410 watt peak, N-type up to 425 watt peak, HJT up to 435 watt peak and ABC panels that come after that should be able to reach up to 450 watt peak.”

This November, AIKO has claimed the top spot for the energy yield of monofacial modules in PV Magazine’s ranking, validating the superior performance of AIKO’s modules. The test was conducted on AIKO’s n-type ABC (All Back Contact) mono glass modules. The AIKO modules in the test achieved an average energy yield of 104.79 Wh/Wp, the highest among the 10 monofacial modules from different brands tested outdoors at a facility in Xi’an, China during September 2023.

The AIKO modules also achieved a temperature coefficient of -0.26%/°C, which is superior to that of modules from other brands. AIKO’s solar modules offer the world’s highest conversion efficiency of 24% and a very low degradation rate of only 0.35% per year after the first year. They provide superior power output of up to 620W from AIKO’s 72-cell modules.

AIKO’s solar modules use the company’s innovative n-type ABC (All Back Contact) technology. By eliminating grid line shading losses, the technology enables a record-breaking efficiency and modern, full-black aesthetic look. A 30-year performance warranty and a 15-year product warranty are available for AIKO’s products.

The measurements were carried out in GSolar’s test laboratory in Xi’an, and independently audited by Clean Energy Associates, an advisory firm for PV manufacturers. The tests covered visual inspection, EL image inspection, low irradiance and temperature behavior, PID (Potential Induced Degradation) resistance, and outdoor performance. The full results of the AIKO modules assessed (AIKO-A600-MAH72Mw) in the PV Magazine Test can be viewed HERE.

Shanghai Aiko Solar Energy Co.,Ltd. (AIKO) is a global-leading new energy technology company challenging the limits of photoelectric conversion. With a worldwide distribution network, AIKO now sells products to Europe and Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan and India.

The AIKO modules are also available in Romania from this year.


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