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The digital transformation is happening right now for increased energy efficiency

18 June 2020

On June 11, Energynomics organized its second online conference dedicated to digitalization and energy efficiency for industry and local public authorities, in an event supported once again by AHK Romania through its greentech Econet Romania platform. Four expert speakers participated in an online LIVE event watched by almost 700 people.

Digital transformation is happening, it is happening around us right now, it is no longer just a buzzword. Redefining experiences, including the use of video information at large scale, can lead to real-time utilization of information.

We can improve the customer experience

The IoT (Internet of Things) segment is growing, and according to IDC Gartner, it will advance by 10% annually in companies embracing digital transformation, said Florin Andrieș, Servers Business Unit Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Romania. “With the help of video information and sensors we can schedule the maintenance of a piece of equipment before the fault occurs. Everyone wants to reduce downtime, to minimize the time customers are impacted.”

What it is also very important is the connection between the person who walks in the field and the headquarters, for remote maintenance, based on the information gathered on the spot. “We can change the way maintenance happens, to make it less reactive and more proactive. We can improve the customer experience, of all those who come in contact with us. New services and offers can be created precisely through this proactive maintenance”.

Such services can be offered in various market segments, including energy. “For the energy area, all is related to smart meters. One can identify where there is a problem in the customer consumption area. Images can be provided by drones showing where the power line failures occur. Various equipment, such as drilling pumps, can be optimized in the oil and gas area. And for the transport area, we follow the loading-unloading and the supply chain”, he listed.


Thus, the engineer can have online access to the documentation and the maintenance happens faster. The data are collected and analyzed on the spot, the analysis from the data center is not delayed, so that the intervention takes place in the shortest of time.

Luminița Tornea, Territory Sales Manager Utilities at HPE Romania, invited the audience to continue the dialogue on subjects related to energy efficiency solutions. “We have the right technology and expertise for all types of clients, small or large, private or state-owned, from the industrial segment or public authorities. Thus, we are waiting for your questions and together with our partners we can create solutions in any sector that involves telecommunications, utilities and energy, but also in other forms of business development”, she said.

MET Romania has entered a new stage of digitalization

The MET Group is an integrated European energy company headquartered in Switzerland. “We are focused on trading activities and on retail distribution of electricity and natural gas”, recalled Bogdan Cornigeanu, COO MET Romania Energy. At the same time, the group also owns natural gas distribution networks and electricity production capacities. “We have an international footprint and a strategic position in Central and Eastern Europe, in over 15 countries with local headquarters and in over 26 natural gas markets. We have 22 trading centers internationally and we are constantly growing, both in terms of turnover and international presence.”

With a turnover of over 11 billion euros and over 1,700 employees at group level, MET focuses in Romania on services for the supply of electricity and natural gas to the final consumer. “At the end of 2019, we had a market share of about 6% in the electricity supply segment in the competitive area and approximately 4% in the natural gas segment. At the same time, we are the third largest party responsible for balancing in Romania”, he highlighted.


Currently, the processes can be carried out 100% on the company’s electronic platform for its consumers. “Our customers can view the electricity consumption in real time, so that their energy departments can directly take over the data, which they can use in the decision-making process. The consumption data are also taken over by colleagues from the forecast and balancing departments of MET, aiming at reducing the balancing costs, thus reducing the energy costs fot our customers”.

An energy efficiency project from Cluj-Napoca

Smart energy systems are a relatively new concept, launched in Denmark, promoted especially by Aalborg University, said Mugur Bălan, a university professor at the Technical University of Cluj, and a member of SAMER.

He presented the Denmark example, a country with no fossil resources, natural gas or oil, which decided that it must become as vulnerable as possible and that it must evolve towards a society based entirely on renewable energy sources. Professor Mugur Bălan explained the 7 stages through which the transition to energy systems independent of fossil fuels can be achieved.


He also presented one of the solutions proposed by the Technical University of Cluj. Currently in the analysis phase for obtaining European financing, it involves the interconnection of the district heating system in Cluj-Napoca with a company operating in the ceramic industry, with residual thermal energy. “Our proposal was to transform this plant into a real energy center, to store the excess energy to use it in order to provide heating for the people. In addition, we are going to build two laboratories – one of the systems will produce cold, and the other, electricity”, he explained.

The conference „Digitalization & Energy Efficiency: How to start, Whom to Contact” was organized by Energynomics, with the support of our partners: MET România Energy, HPE România, SAMER.

More than 100 people have registered on the MyConnector platform to participate in the dialogue, representatives of organizations such as 3M Romania, ABB România, Agenția Locala a Energiei Alba, AHK Romania, AIIOT SSS SRL, Apa Canal Sibiu S.A, Aquaserv SA, Aramis Group, Asko Group, Betfair Romania Development, Bosch Automotive, BT Public Relations, Business France, Certicorp, CIECH Soda Romania SA, Cluj Innovation Park SA, CMT ELCT, Coproform SRL, Dentsu Aegis, EBRD, Electric Gidis, Electrotehnica Consult SRL, Embark 4 Tech, Endava, ESCOROM, eSolution, ETA2U, ETI Romania, Ewind SRL, Eximprod, FINDER România, Flashnet, Fresh Agro Energy, Garanti Bank, Gasoland SRL, H Grup IT, Helioexpert, HPE România, HS Baco Panels, ICI Bucharest, ICN Pitesti, ICSI Rm Valcea, INCDTIM, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH, M.I.S. Grup S.R.L., Ministerul Economiei, Energiei si Mediului de Afaceri, Monsson Trading, Muntenia Nord, Network One Distribution, Next Energy Partners, OMV Petrom, Primaria Sector 1 Bucuresti, Proiect RO INVEST CAPITAL SRL, Qetics, RADET Constanta, Resalta Energy SRL, Retina, Ringhel, Romarm, Serviciul Public de Salubrizare Toplita, Siemens SRL, Smart Factor, SmartGrider Electric SRL, Technosam SRL, Telekom, TIAB SA, Transilvani Sud, Transylvania Energy Cluster, Union Protection, Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca, Veeam, Voxbone.

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