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SNN has a new strategic vision, nuclear will replace coal

9 July 2021

Nuclear power will provide about 35% of the country’s consumption needs by 2030, by operating four CANDU nuclear units, according to a statement from Nuclearelectrica (SNN) regarding the adoption of a new strategic and long-term sustainable vision.

“We are currently at the stage where our history and role so far make us responsible for looking carefully to the future. SNN’s mission, vision and values come from SNN’s history and performance, lead to future performance and are the professional DNA of We represent human, value, operational and investment.They have the role of capitalizing acquired expertise and using it in strategic projects: refurbishment of Unit 1, Project of Units 3 and 4, potential implementation of small modular reactors, clean hydrogen production. Aware of our important role in community development and environmental protection, we take on the role of the company in a very long-term context, one in which we offer resilience, energy security, clean energy and economic growth. motivated and passionate about nuclear energy, to provide our children with a clean environment,” said Cosmin Ghiţă, general manager of SNN.

At the level of the 2030s, nuclear energy will provide about 35% of consumption needs by operating 4 CANDU nuclear units, will avoid the release of 20,000,000 million tons of CO2/ year, will indirectly create about 19,000 jobs in the supply chain. internal supply and will contribute to the development of education and research in the nuclear and related fields.

Through its investment projects, the Re-engineering of Unit 1, the Project of Units 3 and 4, the Detritification Plant, the production of Cobalt 60, worth approximately 9 billion euros, SNN becomes a pillar of decarbonization simultaneously with the generation of a multiple effect of micro and macroeconomic development. . SNN realizes these projects by raising a new generation of nuclear workers, by retaining and training young people in Romania, by capitalizing on their potential, says SNN.

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