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SII România – Growing your business through technology

24 June 2016

Established in 2009, SII Romania is specialized in delivering quality ICT business services and solutions, both for local and international clients and from various industries. Since then, the turnover has been growing constantly, based on a diversified portfolio and an important number of clients. Manel Ballesteros, General Manager SII Romania, talked with us about technology-based solutions that can support energy companies to better compete and grow in this constantly changing technology landscape.

Mr. Manel Ballesteros, what are the main strengths that SII Romania has in this highly competitive environment?

SII-mic-ENAt SII Romania, our day by day mission is to assist and support our clients to better overcome the market challenges by offering to them highly optimized services and solutions combined with advanced technical skills and industry knowledge. At our side is our team of professionals, engineers with an open mind, and a strategic thinking who can guarantee delivery and also business results.

How do we do it? With an solid expertise, daily effort, enthusiasm of our people, a deep commitment to quality, a culture of innovation and continuous improvement alongside our clients.

How do you see the importance of IT market for energy industry?

We are now facing major industry changes as a result of rapid technological evolution and innovation. Nowadays, to increase the efficiency of your business and to optimize it, computerization and automation will play an important role.

We strongly believe that in every evolving market, innovation through technology is key to staying on top of the competition. By having a deep understanding of the market challenges, we anticipate the changing needs and successfully offer and implement the most suitable technological solutions bringing a strategic added value.

On which needs do the energy companies focus and what is your expertize?

Some of the needs that we are used to hear from our customers, from the energy industry, are related to “How can I have a more rapid and qualitative service response? How can I improve business performance? How can I maintain or increase the market share? How can I make more flexible, agile and efficient the business transformation?“

Our expertise in energy industry is based on implementation of a wide range of ICT business services and solutions, including technological consultancy, enabling our energy customers to optimize their business performance, to provide a high quality service, to increase their market share, and also to automate and improve their internal organization, workflows and processes.

SII Romania business services and solutions are aligned with the rapid technological evolution and innovation with the support of our in-house R&I laboratory (Research and Innovation), dedicated to the development and testing of the latest business technologies (such as M2M, IoT), applied on different industries. The innovative solutions obtained can be a strategic business advantage versus other related companies and can make a significant difference for the final customers.

How do you see the future of energy industry and how have you prepared for it?

We are now living the digital revolution and this implies expanding our focus from managing technology and networks to establishing “Smart” ecosystems. Thus, SII Romania is currently implementing ICT business services and solutions for companies that are in the transformation process into the new “Smart Energy” ecosystem.

The future of the energy industry is closely linked with the continuous technological evolution. Therefore, the ability and also the agility to adapt to this very dynamic environment will be a key fact for success and survival.

In this sense, SII Romania, based on his continue growing experience and on the innovation efforts, implements corporate “Smart Energy” ecosystems in which all the processes and resources are optimized for a maximum efficiency, and where services are integrated seamlessly in the daily life of corporation and with a strong information protection.

“Smart Energy” solutions require reliable information and communication technologies for all network and market participants, and also to implement high-performance control and validation technology and energy management software. This trend will effectively compensate for the increasing depletion of conventional energy sources.

The implementation of a corporate “Smart Energy” ecosystem can be customized in compliance with the customer business specificity and needs, becoming a strategic fact for the company as implies benefits such as improvement of profitability, significantly cutting costs, efficiency and productivity optimization, and also an important increase of revenues, all based in a in short-medium term plan of return of the investment.


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