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SGS: guarantor of sustainability and performance in the energy industry (P)

17 June 2024
General Interest

Recognized as a benchmark in quality and integrity, with a solid international reputation as an independent third party, we are an ideal partner for services such as testing, inspections, consulting, auditing or certification. Regardless of whether you operate in the area of conventional energies (exploration, extraction, refining, transport or marketing of oil, gas or other hydrocarbons) or in the area of green energies, we offer you an extremely diversified range of services. We are proud of decades of local experience and an integrated management system certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. The specialized laboratories in Constanța and Negoiești are ISO 17025 accredited, which is the basis of the services offered.


Inspection services

We offer both quantitative and qualitative inspection services for a wide variety of products, from crude oil, petroleum products and bio-components to minerals. SGS Upstream Services provides inspections for crude oil at transfer points in warehouses and ports in Romania. Our inspection activities, which are rigorously aligned to the ISO 17020 standard, cover refineries, key ports and terminals. For example, in the ports of Constanța, Midia or the Danube ports of Galați, Brăila, Giurgiu and Drobeta Turnu Severin, SGS teams carry out inspection services for crude oil, petroleum and petrochemical products, fuels, minerals, biodiesel and base oil.

Oil, gas and chemical supply chain logistics are complex. Ensuring that a load is compliant is a critical point in the success of any business, and SGS carries out checks on any transport variant, land or sea, national or international.


Testing and analysis services

Our services to the oil industry help you detect fake fuels, avoid purchasing low-quality fuels, thus keeping your customers’ trust high. As part of a global network, SGS experts are at your side to answer any request of testing and analyze of crude oil, petroleum or mineral products, chemicals, natural gas, etc.

Operating a refinery, chemical plant or storage terminal requires accurate and reliable laboratory data. SGS commercial laboratories are at your service whenever you need them. We also perform investigative analysis to identify and resolve specific issues, providing accurate and reliable data that can drive productivity, optimize the supply chain and increase profitability.


Testing of additives for post-treatment of exhaust gases

In a responsible approach to environmental conservation, European standards require the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions for diesel vehicles. AdBlue® is an aqueous urea solution that conforms to strict standards. ISO 22241 provides for rigorous testing of both raw materials and production equipment. SGS owns the only laboratory in Romania accredited by RENAR according to ISO 17025 for analysis of AdBlue® products and is among the few companies in Romania that offers a comparative quality test using a state-of-the-art instrument, according to the ISO 22241 standard. The SGS laboratory in Constanța is able to perform all the analyzes in the specifications of this product, in accordance with the relevant standard.


Services for retail fuel stations

Our company provides a range of services to fuel retail, essential to maintaining high standards of performance and compliance. These services include fuel quality monitoring and sizing of tanks, an essential process to ensure accuracy in inventory management. We also carry out leak testing to detect and prevent possible leaks, thus protecting the environment and avoiding losses.

Last but not least, we would like to mention the solutions dedicated to the periodic cleaning of tanks. These services are efficiently provided in a single visit, thus minimizing disruption to fuel station operations. This approach optimizes operational processes and increases customer satisfaction by reducing waiting time.


Market analyses

SGS can provide you with the data and information you need for certain operational decisions. We provide accurate, current and verified information covering areas such as technical and legislative, market dynamics, trade flow trends, etc. SGS INSPIRE is a service that provides expertise in areas such as fuel quality, vehicle emissions, energy and transport. The SOL platform tracks vessel movements, providing a global picture of cargo transit. Information processed from these systems is used to provide consulting and data analysis solutions.


Green energy and sustainability

The transition to sustainable energy and a hydrogen-based economy is a major step in reducing dependence on fossil fuels. However, the emerging nature of the hydrogen-based economy poses numerous challenges, including risk management, efficient resource allocation, and scalability issues. And this is where SGS expertise comes in.

In the field of wind farms and solar installations, we provide services of functional testing, supervision of commissioning and safety essential to guarantee efficient operation. We carry out assessments of the technical condition of the facilities guaranteeing their smooth and safe operation.


Risk management

The specificity of the activity in the energy industry requires the implementation of all necessary precautionary measures to reduce risks. For example, if your employees work in an explosive environment, a thorough assessment of all risks will need to be carried out. We offer both training and consulting services to help our partners in risk management. From checking or optimizing the operation of industrial equipment to occupational health and safety services, you can rely on SGS experts. We can help you ensure that the facilities, materials, equipment and machinery used comply with all necessary standards and regulations.

We specialize in the field of occupational health and safety services, collaborating for over 25 years with numerous industrial sectors, in full compliance with national and international standards. You can rely on us when you need HSE inspections, HSE assessments or if you are considering outsourcing these services to a professional.


Certification audit and internationally recognized certifications

This rigorous process provides guarantees that all operational aspects are in full compliance with relevant standards, reducing risks and optimizing operational efficiency. We offer classic management system certification services (according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001) as well as audit services performed by an independent third party on the supply chain.

In recent years, society’s interest in environmental, social and governance (ESG) elements and a sustainable way of life has increased greatly, being reflected including at the level of European legislation through the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). You can count on our support if you want to align with these requirements through services such as Materiality Assessment, ESG Health Check (an objective picture of ESG management and risks), GAP ESG analysis (a consulting service that includes building the material issues matrix and assessing how your company manages these material issues) or ESG certification (for companies with experience in managing material issues).


About SGS

With a global network of 2,600 offices and laboratories and more than 99,600 employees, SGS dedicates its resources and expertise to assist clients in realizing their projects with the highest degree of integrity, credibility and excellence.

Choosing SGS Romania as a partner means more than access to a wide range of testing, inspection and certification services. It means partnering with a global leader dedicated to excellence, who brings passion and expertise to every stage of the collaboration. Find out how SGS Romania can contribute to the success of your projects contacting the SGS experts.

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