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Schneider Electric modernized the transport network of trolleybuses in Vaslui

27 August 2023

Schneider Electric, together with Invest Dej and Pluton IC (Ukraine), contributed to the modernization of the public transport infrastructure with trolleybuses in the city of Vaslui. This collaborative initiative marks a significant step towards improving sustainable urban mobility and reducing carbon emissions, underscoring the company’s commitment to supporting a greener future in urban communities.

The modernization project, undertaken by Schneider Electric in collaboration with Invest Dej and Pluton IC, aims to transform the public transport network of the city of Vaslui, by integrating advanced technologies and innovative solutions. This complex update is based on the following key aspects: the improvement of electrification: the modernization of the electric infrastructure for public transport, to optimize the circulation of trolleybuses; Schneider Electric’s expertise in energy management will be leveraged to maximize the efficiency of the trolleybus fleet. Energy consumption will be monitored and optimized, leading to reduced operational costs and a smaller carbon footprint; efficient management of medium voltage equipment and an increased level of safety for Trihal dry transformers and SM6 cells assembled by licensed partner Invest Dej, by equipping them with temperature and humidity sensors. This ensures continuous and safe operation, avoiding fires in the electrical installation, and reducing maintenance costs; EcoStruxure Power Building Operation: The platform collects and analyzes data providing insights into performance, operational efficiency and potential opportunities for improvement. In addition, the solution can detect and diagnose faults or anomalies, helping specialist personnel to identify problems at an early stage and take appropriate measures to prevent downtime or inefficiency.

“This modernization project is a successful one for us, considering the challenges we faced and managed to overcome together with our partners Invest Dej and Pluton IC (Ukraine),” says Lucian Enaru, Country General Manager Romania & Moldova Schneider Electric. “Thanks to effective project management, preliminary concerns about the risks associated with the events in Ukraine did not affect the implementation of the project, and its execution was carried out on time, with the final result exceeding all expectations.”

All DC equipment and the two prefabricated modules for mounting the equipment were manufactured at the Pluton plant in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

The modernization project promotes innovation, sustainability and progress, transforming the public trolleybus transport infrastructure of Vaslui into a model of urban innovation.

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