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RoPower keeps its confidence in SMR technologies

9 November 2023

In the context of information about the Carbon Free Power Project (CFPP) in the US, RoPower states that it cannot comment on the progress of other projects, after Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) and NuScale stop the project of small modular reactors, due to costs.

RoPower maintains its confidence in SMR technologies and reaffirms its commitment to comply with all local and international legislation and regulations in the development of the project in Romania.

Regarding the Doicești SMR project, RoPower informs that the project is in the preliminary development stage, which consists of a series of initial engineering and design activities and studies, and technical analyzes of the site of the former Doicești plant. In addition, the project is transitioning into an interim phase, which consists of siting activities, permitting activities, licensing and regulatory activities, and preliminary design engineering, according to Financialintelligence.

RoPower’s involvement with all relevant public and private entities is in line with the strategic priorities of the shareholders and the Romanian State and will be carried out within the regulatory framework.

RoPower is involved in the responsible implementation of the SMR project. In alignment with our partners, we are determined to lead the SMR project from Doicești towards a future that promises both sustainability and energy security for our country, as well as reflecting sustainable cooperation between Romania and its international partners.

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