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Romania has over 110,000 prosumers – total capacity of over 1,400 MW

29 February 2024

The number of prosumers slightly exceeds 110,000 and the installed power was over 1,400 MW, on December 31, 2023, registering a slowdown in the number of prosumers in the last month of the year, according to Viorel Alicuş, director of the National Regulatory Authority in the field of Energy (ANRE).

“There are more than 110,000 prosumers with installed power, on December 31, 2023, of more than 1,400 MW. We saw a slowdown in the number of prosumers in December, but it is probably due to the specificity of December, when the whole activity slows down a bit. It is worth noting the fact that there is a trend of installing capacities in the area of legal entities much more accentuated than in the area of natural persons,” says Viorel Alicuş, quoted by Agerpres.

He emphasized that it is quite difficult to make forecasts because the trend is differentiated.

“Although the number of prosumers may not grow at the same speed, the same cannot be said about the installed capacity, where the trend may be maintained, and it may even accelerate. In this context, the problem of pressure on the networks arises of distribution, in particular – and what can be done in this sense,” adds Viorel Alicuş.

At the same time, he emphasized that storage is the first thing that must be encouraged through primary legislation and through funds because it is for the benefit of prosumers in the market, thus reducing costs in the distribution area, with potentially extremely expensive investments in the event that does in the absence of these storage capacities.

“Probably after such a measure follows the flexibility of the networks. I could give you an example of what is happening in Australia, but we still have to go there. We need to take the first step with storage to solve the current capacity problem in the networks distribution, especially in the low voltage area. Storage, however, will need to be implemented even at the level of the national energy system, not only at low voltage,” says Viorel Alicuş.

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