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Reveal Marketing and Efficient Romania: 70% of Romanians want to reduce energy waste

15 November 2023

Reveal Marketing Research carried out for Efficient Romania a nationally representative study among urban residents, to find out if and what solutions Romanians have identified and implemented to make energy consumption more efficient compared to the previous year, in the context in which we are witnessing a significant increase in utility prices.

In Romanians’ perception, energy efficiency is mostly associated with utility costs (21%), personal comfort (18%) and individual health (17%).

Thus, the main factor that causes 7 out of 10 Romanians to be more careful about the energy consumed is its price. About 70% of Romanians believe that the main advantage of an energy-efficient home is saving by reducing energy costs.

Moreover, compared to 2022, we see an increase in the importance of price as a motivating factor to save energy, from 66% to 69%, to a significantly greater extent in the case of mature people over 45 (75%) .

And in 2023, the positive trend regarding energy-saving behaviors at home continues. The most common actions Romanians take to reduce their energy bills are turning off the light every time there are no occupants in the room (46%) and turning off the TV when not in use (37%).

Compared to the previous year, the percentages of those who declare that they always adopt energy efficient behaviors increase slightly, the increases being recorded for all types of behaviors measured. For example, the percentage of those who always turn off the light when they leave the room increases from 44% to 46%, and those who always turn off the TV when not watching it are now 37% compared to 33% in 2022.

At the same time, more and more Romanians want thermally insulated homes and thermostats for heat control.

Also, living in a thermally insulated house or apartment is a very important aspect for 76% of Romanians, and in the last year there has been a significant increase in the incidence of installing thermostats to control the temperature in homes, from 50 to 56%.

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