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Restart Energy completed two PV projects of 300,000 euro for Com Divers

23 May 2024

Restart Energy completed two photovoltaic projects for the Com Divers company, with a total value of over 300,000 euros, the beneficiary’s investment to be amortized in approximately 3 years.

“The rooftop projects have a cumulative power of 416 kWp and were installed on the roof of two industrial halls belonging to the beneficiary, located in Pitesti, Argeş county, respectively Budeşti commune, Vâlcea county”, the cited document states.

The two photovoltaic plants consist of 928 panels covering a total area of 3,200 square meters. The panels will produce a total of 416 MWh of energy per year, representing approximately 60% of the company’s energy needs.

Solar panels reduce the amount of CO2 emissions emitted into the atmosphere by approximately 160 tons per year and radioactive waste by 1.4 kg per year.

“The reduction of carbon emissions, through the implementation of solar energy projects, will be monitored through the RED platform, implemented in 2021, a marketplace dedicated to the calculation of the carbon footprint, the reduction of carbon emissions through sustainability projects or offsetting the carbon footprint”, it is added says in the statement.

According to the company, green attributes, both those obtained for individual sustainable actions and carbon credits, can be sold internally through the marketplaces of the RED platform, through a technological, transparent and secure process, dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and improving ESG policies .

“Photovoltaic panels ensure decentralization. The operational and financial benefits are obvious, and, on the other hand, we contribute to protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint,” said Daniel Lazăr, Com Divers administrator, in the quoted statement.

For his part, Armand Domuța, CEO & Founder of Restart Energy, emphasized that easy and abundant access to own sources of cheap and renewable energy is an essential element to be able to support a modern industry.

“Sustainability, green, solar energy, whether rooftop or ground installation, offers the client cost predictability and energy savings in its processes of approximately 50%. The solar energy projects implemented by Restart Energy up to this point, through the Division Solar, they produced approximately 20.54 Gwh of green energy, and for 2024 our objective is to double this amount”, said Armand Domuța.

Restart Energy ensured the entire energy efficiency project for the beneficiary company, from consulting and design to implementation.

In January 2021, Restart Energy signed a partnership with the American fund Interlink Capital Strategies from Washington DC to finance the development of 500 MW of renewable projects in Romania until 2025, in order to provide 100% green energy produced locally to all end customers.

In February 2021, Restart Energy successfully launched the first issue of convertible green bonds in Romania that were listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, with the code REO26.

Restart Energy is a first-line company in the field of energy that owns Romanian-American mixed capital.

Com Divers is a company specialized in domestic and international transport of goods, offering integrated logistics and shipping services. The company has an authorized service for trucks and semi-trailers and sells spare parts and car accessories for heavy vehicles.


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