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Renovatio Solar finalizes 400 kWp solar project for KLG Logistics

6 September 2023

Renovatio Solar, a company from the Renovatio ecosystem, one of the main players in the field of solar energy and green technology in Romania, recently completed a 400 kWp photovoltaic project for KLG Europe Logistics Romania, one of the leaders of the local logistics and transport services market.

“The project involved the installation of a number of 888 photovoltaic panels, with a capacity of 400 kWp, which are able to generate an annual amount of electricity estimated at 500 MWh. These panels were placed on the KLG warehouse located in Bolintin Deal, Giurgiu county, where the company’s headquarters is also located,” said Horațiu Regneală, CEO of Renovatio Solar.

“Recently, we have invested over 1 million euros in digitization and sustainable initiatives, considering that in both areas the benefits that the company will register are obvious: more independence in running operational processes and significant cost reductions. Regarding investments in photovoltaic panels, they cover approximately 40% of the energy consumed annually and are equivalent to planting 1,600 trees,” added Răzvan Marinescu, managing director of KLG Europe Logistics Romania.

The value of the investment was in the order of hundreds of thousands of euros, and the operating life of the newly installed system is 25-30 years. KLG Europe Romania is one of the leaders in the local logistics and transport services market, offering road, sea and air transport services, warehousing, value-added services, e-fulfillment and courier services for bulky products.

Following the technical-economic evaluation facilitated by Renovatio Solar, KLG decided that the best solution to cover its needs is an on-grid system, which would provide the energy for its own consumption, while the excess electricity produced would be delivered to the grid .

“This system allows the beneficiaries to reduce their costs related to electricity and contribute to protecting the environment, by using a clean and renewable energy source, thus ensuring a higher level of energy independence,” also said Horațiu Royal

Renovatio Solar provided complete EPC services for KLG Europe Logistics Romania, from design, consultancy and development to installation and commissioning.

The green electricity produced by the photovoltaic system implies a reduction of the carbon footprint by approximately 147 tons of CO2 /year, and in the next 25 years, the photovoltaic system will produce green energy that will reduce the carbon footprint by approximately 3,675 tons of CO2. Moreover, the use of photovoltaic energy contributes to the protection of natural resources, which are limited and depletable.

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