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Renera Energy Romania starts developing a 50 MW floating photovoltaic park in Romania

16 April 2024
Oana Trihenea - Origination Team Manager

Renera Energy announces the start of the development phase for the largest floating photovoltaic park in Romania. The company plans to build a power plant with an estimated installed capacity of 50 MW on 37 hectares of water in the county of Brăila.

Renera is a European group of companies headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. With around 200 employees in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Romania, and Spain, the company is a leading force moving people and businesses one step ahead on the way to a completely renewable energy supply for the world.

“Securing 37 hectares of land in Brăila has made it possible to reach our Q1/2024 target of 250 hectares in Romania adding this to the existing portfolio of 2023” say company representatives. “We are excited to kick-start the development phase and further contribute to the transition to renewable energy in Romania,” says Oana Trihenea, Origination Team Manager at Renera Energy Romania.

With 12 employees in Romania, Renera Energy has set up three dedicated departments for Origination (land identification and analysis), Business Development (negotiating bids and contract terms), and Permitting (obtaining the permits necessary for project development).         

“With the essential support of the authorities, we are turning our dream into reality – the floating photovoltaic project will be the symbol of a collaboration that paves the way for a revolutionary energy future in Romania. With the start of this ambitious project, we will move even closer to achieving the targets set out in EU Directive 2413/2023 on the promotion of energy from renewable sources,”  says Andreea-Geanina Solomonesc, Permitting Manager at Renera Energy Romania.

Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) are also on the radar of the Renera team in Romania, who believe they “will bring financial benefits to non-productive landowners.”. BESS projects are an innovative solution for storing electrical energy, contributing to improving the stability and reliability of the energy system. They are essential for the efficient integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind parks, into the electricity distribution network. They function as giant batteries, capable of storing surplus electricity produced during peak periods and releasing it when energy demand is higher or when renewable energy production suddenly decreases.

Landowners are invited to contact the Renera team for possible collaboration opportunities:

The group’s principal activities include the development, marketing, and consulting of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Renera supports energy suppliers, real estate stakeholders, authorities, and individuals in implementing the energy transition.


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