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Record budget, over 2.5 bln. lei, for Timișoara

27 February 2024
General Interest

The city budget proposed by Timișoara City Hall for 2024 was approved on Thursday, February 22, 2024, by local councilors, unanimously, according to Transilvania Business.

The total amount of about 2.52 billion lei represents an increase compared to last year, when the amount of 635 million lei was invested in the development of the city.

“We have an ambitious budget for a dynamic Timișoara. A budget that grows from year to year, and this year we have a record budget. We owe these increases primarily to the people of Timisoara: we have a very high economic dynamic, which means higher revenues for the local budget. Then, a good part of Timisoara’s budget is due to European funds. We have this money at hand because Romania is a member of the European Union and Timișoara is a European city. And it’s good to say these things because lately there are some who question our European membership. If we look at this budget, which is the basis for our well-being, we know that we owe much of our prosperity to the European Union,” said Mayor Dominic Fritz.

The amount of 1.23 billion lei is provided for the operation of the city. This money ensures public transport, heating, cleaning, maintenance and expansion of green spaces, public lighting, public order, social assistance, housing, culture, sports. In response to the needs of the people of Timișoara, more funds are allocated for sidewalk repairs, the arrangement of parking spaces, the planting and maintenance of green spaces in the neighborhoods and for a better functioning of public lighting. In addition, the City Hall supports, through subsidies, amounting to 300 million lei, public transport and heating agent supply activities.

The development of the city benefits from a financial allocation of 1.28 billion lei. As priority areas we have education, health, the environment and large infrastructure projects.

421 million lei are provided for the modernization of public transport, both for the purchase of non-polluting means of transport and for the modernization of tram lines.

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