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Professor Victor Athanasovici, one of Romania’s great specialists in district heating and energy efficiency, has passed away

21 August 2020

One of the most visible supporters of cogeneration and promoters of high energy efficiency technologies, Professor Victor Athanasovici has passed away, announced the Board of Directors of COGEN Romania.

Honorary member of COGEN Romania, Professor Dr. Eng. Victor Athanasovici was recognized as one of the most important specialists in Romania in the fields of district heating and energy efficiency. Creator of a scientific school in these fields, Victor Athanasovici is the author of books that will remain a reference for specialists, underlines COGEN Romania.

Victor Athanasovici contributed to the education of over 50 promotions of energy engineers and a large number of doctors, who had him as a mentor at the Polutehnica University in Bucharest. “Of undisputed professional and human integrity, Professor Victor Athanasovici personally participated in the elaboration of many studies and projects meant to lead to the implementation in Romanian energy industry of the newest and most efficient technologies, for which he published and presented technical and scientific foundations at highest academic standing.”

Prof. Dr. Eng. Victor Gheorghe Athanasovici graduated in 1965 from the Faculty of Energy, Thermal Energy Department. He has been a professor at the same faculty since 1968. Doctor of engineering, since 1975, in the specialty of district heating, Victor Athanasovici is the author or co-author of over 230 scientific communications / articles in specialized journals. He has coordinated or participated in over 160 scientific research contracts.

Associate professor at the Ecole des Mines de Nantes, with internships at Gaz de France – Mission cogeneration, Ecole des Mines de Paris, INSA Lyon, Victor Athanasovici was an EU certified expert for PHARE studies in energy, BM-FREE expert and vice president of the Romanian Thermal Energy and District Heating Company.

He authored or co-authored of 25 books, monographs and university courses, among which

  • Industrial thermal energy
  • Industrial thermal energy and district heating
  • Possibilities for saving fuel and heat in thermal power plants
  • The guide of the energy engineer in industry
  • The energy engineer’s manual
  • Heat use in industry (vol. I and II)
  • Energy efficiency of the use of compressed air in industry

Energynomics expresses the deepest condolences; our thoughts and prayers are with the family members and all the friends!


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