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ProCredit Bank launches a new loan for prosumers

29 May 2023

ProCredit Bank launches the ProGreen credit for photovoltaic panels dedicated to individuals, with no down payment and no commissions. The credit is intended for those who want to make the transition to a renewable energy source, benefiting at the same time from reduced costs on energy bills, according to a press release issued by the credit institution.

“More and more customers are choosing to invest in photovoltaic panels to reduce electricity costs while helping to protect the environment. The ProGreen credit for photovoltaic panels comes with multiple benefits for consumers who make the best decisions for the future and want sustainable sources of energy with a low environmental impact. Solar energy is a sustainable and clean resource, and photovoltaic panels allow the direct transformation of solar radiation into electricity. Thus, investing in a photovoltaic system not only reduces your household’s carbon footprint, but also provides you with an independent and economical long-term energy source,” said Alexandra Floricică, Head of Green Energy, ProCredit Bank.

“Photovoltaic panels allow users to become prosumers as well, and the initial investment is amortized in a short period of time. Moreover, our partners who have the quality of eligible installers can guide and support the customer in the actual realization of the investment. It should be mentioned that during the lending process, customers have a dedicated advisor to manage their files and the opening of the ProGreen current account package can be done 100% online.”

The ProGreen credit for photovoltaic panels is part of the ProGreen green credit offer for individuals. The maximum amount that can be granted through this credit is 150,000 lei, for a crediting period of up to 5 years, without the payment of an advance, granting or file analysis commissions. Customers can choose between a variable annual interest rate of IRCC +3.28% or a fixed one of 10%.

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