President Iohannis presented the PNRR priorities: 1.3 bln. euro for renewables


Bogdan Tudorache

PNRR provides 1.3 billion euro dedicated to the renewables sector, said President Klaus Iohannis, at the end of the meeting with the coalition leaders. The plan is to be adopted by the Government and sent to the European Commission for approval.

“The approximately 30 billion euro that we will benefit from this Plan represent a major chance for Romania’s development, an opportunity that will allow the Romanian economy and society increased resistance in the event of future crises,” said Iohannis.

“At the same time, it is important to understand that this plan, abbreviated PNRR, offers us the best context for achieving the reforms postponed for so many years, reforms that will improve the daily life of every Romanian, by developing and modernizing health, economy, in education and administration “, he added.

The President states that “The National Recovery and Resilience Plan will allow us to further finance the development of the highway network in parallel with the promotion of less polluting transport. We intend to allocate 4.5 billion euros for this field.”

At the same time, Europe is developing through green transition and digitalization, and Romania will invest substantially, in turn, in what the sustainable future means.

“In ensuring the green transition, I want to mention only a few examples of projects that we will finance through PNRR: 1.3 billion euro allocated for diversification and multiplication of renewable energy sources, 1.5 billion euro for mass afforestation, 4 billion euro to combat drought and irrigation, and 5 billion to promote sustainable transport through the development of railway infrastructure.

The digitalization we want to develop actually means much less bureaucracy for citizens and much easier access to public services. We will thus invest in digital services for the citizen.

The investments we will make, at the same time, in improving the urban environment will allow the inhabitants to enjoy cleaner air, green spaces and regenerated spaces. At the same time, 2.2 billion euro will be allocated for the thermal rehabilitation of the blocks of flats and the consolidation of the buildings against earthquakes,” the President of Romania also stated.


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