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PPC: Distribution companies Rețele Electrice – auction of 53 mln. lei for medium voltage cells

23 February 2024

Companies Rețele Electrice Muntenia, Rețele Electrice Banat and Rețele Electrice Dobrogea (part of the PPC group in Romania, previously named E-Distribuție Muntenia, Banat, respectively Dobrogea) have launched, through the public procurement online system, a procurement procedure for medium voltage cells (MT cells). The contracts will be of framework agreement type, with a duration of 36 months and a maximum cumulative estimated value of 52.83 million lei.

All these MT cells will be used to modernize and expand the MT distribution capacity of primary substations, contributing substantially to improving the quality of distribution service and, at the same time, making it possible to connect new customers (consumers, prosumers, or producers).

The three distribution system operators intend to purchase a maximum of 509 MT cells, with a minimum volume of 174.  Rețele Electrice Muntenia intends to purchase between 64 and 218 pieces, Rețele Electrice Dobrobea target between 35 and 66 pieces, and Rețele Electrice Banat between 75 and 225 pieces.

“Within our distribution companies, any investment in modernization or construction of new capacities aims to develop a resilient, digital and efficient infrastructure, through which we want to be the vector of the energy transition in Romania.  These MT cells, which we will acquire and which will later be integrated into strategic grid investments, are just one of the steps needed to be taken to make a key contribution to this very ambitious path towards the energy transition. In the next period, increasing the connection and integration capacity of prosumers and renewable energy production are essential to achieve the objectives of electrification of consumption, assumed by our country, so our role and targets as distribution operator are ambitious and meet the national energy strategy”, said Mihai Pest, General Manager of Rețele Electrice companies.

The equipment for which offers are expected in the open tender are line cells, coupling cells, measuring cells, trafo (transformer) cells and TFN cells (neutral treatment within the substation). Integrated into the energy infrastructure, these MT cells will provide the possibility to monitor, control and protect the medium voltage network downstream of the medium voltage bars of primary substations, thus increasing the reliability and efficiency of the electricity distribution network.

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