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Delgaz Grid: Over 1,500 cases of fraudulent consumption in 2023, 40% above the previous level

23 February 2024

The energy inspection, a specialized structure within Delgaz Grid, identified last year a number of 1,509 cases of fraudulent consumption, almost 40% more than in 2022, 906 of which were for natural gas and 603 for electricity.

In order to identify the guilty persons and recover the damage, criminal complaints were drawn up and sent to the competent institutions.

Clandestine installations used and unauthorized interventions on connections and natural gas/electricity meters can lead to incidents with the most serious consequences, ignored primarily by those who believe that in this way they can benefit from free energy.

Any such improvised installation constitutes a source of fire, electrocution, explosion, poisoning, etc. For an insignificant gain compared to the possible consequences, people risk their property, home, business, health or even life. Both those who “enjoy” fraudulent consumption through lower bills can suffer, but also individuals, homes, economic agents in the neighborhood and, last but not least, the environment.

The performance of distribution networks is affected by improvisations and clandestine installations, by the amount of unmetered energy. As well as the protections and automations that are designed and regulated taking into account a known, declared consumption. In the case of fraud, the consumption is not known and then the networks do not work at normal parameters either, with honest consumers who pay their bills regularly also suffering.

Fraudulent consumption also means financial losses for our company, but also increased expenses for consumers. Illegal interventions affect honest consumers through interruptions of the distribution service and/or non-compliant parameters of the supplied energy and natural gas.

The amount of stolen energy in the 1,509 cases discovered last year amounts to about 24 million kWh, with a value of over 11.7 million lei.

For comparison, this amount of energy represents the annual electricity consumption of household consumers in a city with around 35,000 inhabitants (at an average consumption of 150 kWh/month per home) or of natural gas by the inhabitants of a commune with around 5,000 inhabitants of inhabitants (at a consumption of 1,000 mc/year, equivalent to approximately 10,000 kWh/year per household).

Fraudulent consumption is theft and is punishable according to the provisions of the Criminal Code.

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