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PPC Companies in Romania reveal their new brand identity

15 April 2024

PPC group of companies in Romania has started its first image campaign, thus marking the transition to the new brand identity. The new brand reflects the responsibility towards the community, the commitment to create value for all, to be an organization focused on sustainability and the circular economy.

“Electricity constantly accompanies us in our daily routine, defines the world we live in more and more, but the way we use it is different for each of us. But whether we use electricity to charge a phone or electric car, to light the cities we live in, for our comfort or for the mini-greenhouse in the living room, or to install solar panels, each of us has our own goals and desires. And the goal of PPC companies in Romania is to honor the trust of customers, those who entrust us with their daily comfort, because electricity is necessary for the needs and preferences of each customer,” stated Alessio Menegazzo, CEO & Country Manager of PPC companies in Romania.

Today was also launched the new website of PPC companies in Romania, as well as the new mobile app myPPC, two modern digital platforms where customers will be able to find, in addition to data about PPC companies, functionalities such as account management, bill payment, but also energy solutions, along with value-added services.

PPC’s new brand identity is based on a clear vision of how an energy supplier should look and present itself: dynamic, optimistic and forward-looking, a promoter of innovation, new technologies and progress. At the same time, the supplier is a reliable, close, accessible partner that offers services that are easy to understand, with respect for the environment and the community.

Inspired by circularity, PPC’s identity reflects the cycle of life and nature, promoting the circular economy and recycling. The logo is formed starting from three equal circles that are the basis of the letters p, p, c, emphasizing the solidity and originality of the brand.

The rebranding campaign brings to the forefront the freedom of customers to create their own rules and routines and express their personality. The TV spots, made by the DDB Romania agency, introduce viewers to the lives of several people, each with a unique way of using energy. Although each story is special in its own way, the universality lies in the diversity of ways to use PPC services and products.

The slogan “Energy for everything” conveys the idea that at PPC every customer finds the right solutions for his way of life, for his passions, needs and desires, without prejudices or questions that question his choices. Energy is more than just a consumer good; it’s a personal choice. PPC wants to be a long-term partner, ready to provide sustainable energy solutions for any need, desire or plan – both now and in the future.

Starting from April 2024, the PPC logo will gradually replace the Enel logo both on customer invoices and in all touchpoints, including in stores, self-pay payment stations and in online communications or channels.

On October 25, 2023, the PPC Group announced the completion of the transaction through which it acquired the shares held by the Enel Group in Romania, successfully concluding its first major expansion on the foreign market. The completion of the transaction represented a landmark event for PPC’s growth strategy, through the acquisition of a significant portfolio of renewable projects (both completed and under development), but also of electricity distribution and supply operations in Romania.

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