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PPC blue is PPC’s new brand for the electric mobility segment in Romania

15 April 2024

The electric mobility company within the PPC group of companies in Romania adopts a new brand identity – PPC blue. The new brand is symbolized by the letter “e” that embodies the qualities of the PPC blue brand – mobility, speed, technology, innovation, efficiency.


“Electric mobility is one of the most important elements of the energy transition, one in which customers directly influence the transition, because their personal choice reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and replaces their use with electricity. Our mission at PPC blue is to stand by customers in this choice, to provide them with an extensive network of charging points and related services, so that together we can make electric mobility more accessible, while reducing air emissions in our cities,” said Andreea-Dana Popescu, director of PPC Blue Romania.


As part of the rebranding process, the website is also launched, while the dedicated mobile application will be available in the near future.


Under the PPC blue brand operate about 500 charging points, with a total installed power of over 10,000 kW, in 63 localities in all areas of the country.  In the next period, each charging point in the company’s portfolio will be marked with the new PPC blue logo and the new visual identity will be presented.


PPC blue offers integrated electric mobility solutions to residential customers, companies, and public institutions across the country. Under this brand, charging infrastructure is installed in shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels that want to attract users of electric cars, as well as in public spaces provided by municipalities interested in improving air quality by encouraging electric mobility.


The terms of use of the services as well as the tariffs are not changed due to the change of visual identity, but the names of the subscriptions will be changed into PPC blueLite, PPC bluePlus, PPC blueMax.





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