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Petrom put 18 mln. euros in the refurbishment of a fuel storage

2 April 2014

OMV Petrom has completed the upgrading of the oil depot in Bacău, in which has invested about 18 million euros. Bacău storage unit is the fourth modern fuel depot completed in the last 5 years. The investment is part of the storage infrastructure modernization, which aims to build three new deposits and to modernize other three.

Neil Anthony Morgan, Petrom and OMV Executive Board member, responsible for Refining and Marketing, said: “A modern network of fuel storages will help us to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of our operations, and to ensure for our customers products at the highest of European standards. So far we have invested a total of about 100 million euros for the construction of three new deposits at Jilava, Brazi and Işalniţa and modernization of Bacău storage”.

About 100 million euro were invested to date to upgrade a storage capacity of 65,000 sqm. All four locations are completely automated and comply with Romanian and European norms and standards in the field. They have a total storage capacity of 65,000 cubic meters (Jilava: 27,000 cm, Brazi: 8,000 cm, Işalniţa: 11,000 cm, Bacău: 19,000 cm).

Bacău deposit will ensure the supply of the north-eastern of Romania. Oil products stored in Bacău are kept above ground, fitted with automatic measurement of volume and temperature, automatic protection in case of power over-supplying and a fixed fire extinguishing system.

The storage reservoirs have steel walls and are connected to the automatic leak detection and cracks. Loading products in tankers is fully automated and controlled by an automated system. Bacău storage is equipped with vapor recovery units to minimize emissions of hydrocarbons, wastewater collection system, fire protection system fitted with automatic alarm and fire warning, an automatic system for control and management of technological process of all storage activities.



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